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From: Brian (
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 15:59:53 PDT

>From: "Eric L. Strobel" <>
>>on 06/18/03 4:51 AM, Karel Jansens at wrote:

> >You write your CV on your desktop computer's wordprocessor, save it as an
> >*.rtf file and export it to your Newton with NCU. AFAIK, you need to have
> >NewtonWorks installed on your Newton to have that option and I don't
> >recall if the 130 is Works-enabled.

>The 130 does NOT run Works. I know, though, that NCU will *export* Notes as
>RTF. I've not checked whether one can do the reverse (actually it never
>occurred to me that might be something one might want to do).

>Just a question, but what happens to attachments when mailed to a Newt? I'm
>thinking that if you can store an e-mail w/ attachment that you send to
>yourself on the Newt, you could perhaps forward that e-mail w/o ever

        The best way to do this that I know of, is to fax your CV to
yourself. You can then print (hah, be aware printpack output looks
like dot matrix) or fax your CV to someone on the fly. Or, keep it
as a big ASCII note and you can email it. RTF might work or might
not, I've not checked it, Newtworks can export to RTF but unless that
RTF can be selected in the outbox and resent as an email

On an MP130 you could not do RTF unless Availworks happens to support
it, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't for exporting in this manner.
XPort will make nice RTFs but again that's different from emailing
them out. There might be a way to make the RTF solution work though
if you fiddle a bit.

        Last I checked (December) attachments emailed to you could
_not_ be sent out again via Simplemail. Someone had sent me .pdf
directions to their place, I had checked email from the Newt and the
copy got deleted on the server, I was SOL. Had to call (!) and get
new directions- way to social ;)

        That capabilty (resend attachments, even if they can't be
opened on the Newt) is the ONLY thing left that I would like
Simplemail to do.


        Oh and about the faxing- you'll soon figure out, there's no
way to just send a few pages of fax, it's all or nothing. So don't
put anything for a cover page, when you are sending the copy to the
MP130, else everyone you resend to, gets to see it too.


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