Re: [NTLK] EScale question

From: Karl & Kathleen Prihoda (
Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 17:58:56 PDT

> What could be wrong is a wrong setting in a firewall somewhere...
> Like,
> - on the mac
> - on a router
> - on some bridge somewhere
> It is usually the case anyhow.
What should those settings be? I have file sharing on and the firewall
off. I did not bother with ports, I just turned it off on the router
and the computer.

Why does it work with NewtSync and not Escale?
  NewtSync does a terrible job and is unreliable. I get about 100 blank
entries and it doubles all of the others. 400 entries end up being
over 900 on the Newt and the address book.


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