Re: [NTLK] Cleaning the screen with isopropyl alcohol is bad

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 04:33:55 PST

The plastics that these solvents are stored in is usually a high
density polyethylene which is quite solvent resistant. Only very
non-polar solvents such as toluene or hexanes will dissolve it and
usually at high temperatures. Not all plastics are alike or even
similar. The CD that Ed mentioned is made of polycarbonate. Great
impact strength and clarity, but lousy solvent resistance.
The coating on the Newton is probably a crosslinked polymer and
therefore rather solvent resistant. You may need to soak it in a
chlorinated solvent for 10-15 mins to get it to swell and be removed.
To do this safely, saturate a cloth with the solvent and remove excess
so that it is not dripping. Then place the cloth on the Newton screen
and leave it there for 15 minutes or so. I'm sure I don't have to
remind anyone that working with hazardous solvents requires good
ventilation and no flames or sparks in the area (although chlorinated
solvents are the exception, they don't burn).

On Nov 1, 2004, at 7:10 PM, Woody Smith wrote:

> In my test alcohol had no effect on the antiglare coating on the eMate,
> nor did Testors solvent (methyl ethyl ketone), nor acetone, nor Lacquer
> thinner ( a soup of ketones, esters, ethylene glycol's, toluene
> isobutal alcohols, etc, nor a mild form of n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (a
> paint stripper) none of these even slightly made it tacky. I still
> plan to test a stronger formula of n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone and methylene
> chloride (a stronger paint stripper). I am not optimistic since most
> of these products can be stored in some form of plastic.
> I suspect that abrasion is the only way to remove the antiglare film on
> the Newton display.
> Alcohol may not be recommended but it does not seem to dissolve the
> film.
> Woody
> On Nov 1, 2004, at 12:36 PM, Hemant Kamat wrote:
>> Trust me, don't ever use alcohol on a non-glass (polymer) surface! Try
>> pouring a few drops on the underside of a CD and watch what happens...
>> Personally, I'd shell out $9.95 for a bottle of Klear Screen, than $95
>> on a
>> replacement screen

Mark Ross
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