[NTLK] word wrap dilemma

From: Doug P (dougp_at_ispinn.com)
Date: Thu Nov 04 2004 - 10:29:22 PST


I'm writing, writing, writing in ink text (or regular text, FTM) and my Newt splits a word in half and wraps the pieces so that

                       ... col

is at the end of one line, and


is on the beginning of the next line. I would normally use the 'V' gesture to collect the two pieces and join them together, but since the word is split among two lines, that's impossible.

I *could* use the backwards-capital-'L' gesture before the


to add a return and force it to the beginning of the line, use the 'V' gesture to do the join, then figure out how to get rid of the extraneous return...and I stopped myself and thought, "I'm going to post this to NTLK. Maybe someone there has a better suggestion or clue."

So I fired up my email client and started typing:

     word wrap dilemma

Doug Parker

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