[NTLK] Mp3 Playing Newton

From: Goodwin, Greg (GoodwinG_at_aafes.com)
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 09:50:29 PST

        It really is a neat moment... you hook up the Newton via audio
in/out cables to a stereo and play Mp3's for hours. At least till the
Newton crashes. :)

     But already the Newton can play more MP3's than any cheapy player.
And it is capable of so much more of course.

        So this is the end result. The end result of HOURS of work.
Nice when it's done, but at this time, the process is...

... convert the MP3 (using iTunes) to a 64 bit compression. Then send
the MP3 file (now roughly 2 to 3 meg) to the Newton on a linear flash
card via Appletalk connection, which takes about 15-20 minutes. It will
take roughly an hour to a hour and a half to a ATA card. The linear
card is great since you don't want to mess around when you have a
connection going on. It could drop off.

     Once on the linear flash card, then another 45 minutes to a hour
transferring from linear to ATA card. And then.. well, there you go!!

     Ok, the big question I have to ask at this point, is there any way
I can make this any easier? Having Newtons play MP3's are fun, but
really, should I just get a iPod? :)

        Doc Clu

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