Re: [NTLK] To ALL Newton Buyers FROM Macs R Us Computers, Inc.

From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 20:11:10 PST

On Nov 9, 2004, at 6:16 PM, Mark Jozaitis wrote:
> I have been going throgh my other e-mail that
> does not work and found so many complaints, If only
> they send to

Ummm, That's your fault dude. you need to have appropriate contact
email info at ebay and actually READ IT in a timely manner also.

> it would have
> been fixed... My main reason for selling on eBay is
> to have fun, sell extra, make some extra cash, and
> have new experinces.
When you sell stuff to people you have a legal obligation to behave in
a certain way.

This includes YOUR responsibility to respond to complaints at your
listed business address.
Also it seem to me that you weren't very forth coming about fixing
these issues until the rhetoric here escalated to point where it was
clear that selling a worn down unit as "like new" isn't legal.

I hope it was only a "shipping" error, but there are several red flags
in your email that seem to indicate that you just don't get it.

Hopefully you can satisfy many Newton users here, I am pretty sure I
won't be one of them.


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