[NTLK] Keyspan serial adapte question - enable/disabling

From: Blake Patterson (blakespot_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 04:07:48 PST

I have an OS X machine that can't boot OS 9 natively.
I also have a keyspan dual serial adapter (USB). I
need to run it in OS 9 (Classic) and OS X. I was told
I could disable the OS X driver by removing
"KeyspanUSAdriver.kext" from
/System/Library/Extensions and then the OS 9 driver
under classic would work.

Worked out great.

Now it's time to re-enable the OS X driver because
apparently the Newton Package Installer I grabbed for
OS 9 does not recognize and .pkg files as ones it can
install... Ugh...

So...I move the "KeyspanUSAdriver.kext" back into
/System/Library/Extensions and reboot. I get a
message saying the driver was improperly installed and
to contact the vendor. I saw ownership of the file
was not "root:wheel" so I changed that to match the
others and rebooted again - same message.

So...how do I re-enable this driver? Do I need to run
the Keyspan driver installer each time I disable it?



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