Re: [NTLK] Keyspan serial adapte question - enable/disabling

From: RAParker (RAParker_at_Quadzilla.NET)
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 11:52:54 PST

On Wednesday, November 10, 2004, at 04:07 AM, Blake Patterson wrote:

> Newton Package Installer I grabbed for
> OS 9 does not recognize and .pkg files as ones it can
> install...

Sounds confusing...

Have you tried Package Typer to change the owner/type resources?

If you're connecting your Newton and running OS X, more than likely,
you won't need anything in OS X. But...

I have notice .pkg is used in OSX for installers. So...

I recommend using Package Typer to ensure the owner/type resources are
correct and then always use the "File->Open" menu, WITHIN the OS9
application itself, to select the file (i.e. don't double click it).

> do I re-enable this driver? Do I need to run
> the Keyspan driver installer each time I disable it?

Have you tried using the installer again? Does it have an "un-install"
option? I would also try reinstalling it. According to the manual you
should be able to have a Classic version of the driver installed at the
same time as a OS X driver, it all depends on the use; which device
wants control and when.
> Since both Mac OS X and the Classic environment have the ability to
> use USB devices directly, you may run into a case where you have
> installed the USB Serial Adapter software for Mac OS X as well as the
> 'classic' USB Serial Adapter software. At this point, you have two
> software drivers for one hardware device.
> In these cases, Mac OS X will allow you to use BOTH the 'classic'
> Keyspan drivers as well as the Mac OS X Keyspan drivers. However
> there are certain rules regarding which operating system has access
> to the ports...
> 1. if your 'classic' Mac OS has opened the Keyspan serial port(s) or
> is sending data to it, the Keyspan device and its serial port(s) will
> appear as 'busy' or 'in use' to any application requesting the
> Keyspan device in Mac OS X.
> 2. if Mac OS X has opened the Keyspan serial port(s) or is sending
> data to it, the Keyspan device will appear as if it is not connected
> (or unplugged) in your 'classic' Mac OS and any application
> requesting the Keyspan serial ports (in the 'classic' Mac OS) will
> get an error or report that the serial port is not available.

I just received my USA-28 I have limited amount
experience thus far. I've currently installed the OS9 version of the
driver ONLY, because the all the Newton software available runs in
classic. Otherwise, I don't see a need for the OSX version of the
driver and I haven't installed it yet.

I'm currently waiting for my first backup of my Newton in 4 months
(since moving to OS X) to complete. I'm using the Newton Backup Utility
and so far, it's going very smoothly.

I'm had a little trouble trying to install the BIG Newton Connection
Utilities and may try other methods (like installing on another Mac and
then copying the files over to my G4). The installer freezes my Classic
mode when I try run it.

NBU installed just fine and is working with the adapter, so I decided
to test the adapter by doing a full backup. It's taking awhile, but
then...I do have 7MB of a 28MB Flash Card to backup and, I'm running
the NBU in the background while I type this response.

Keyspan has a very informative website and you should check it the
documentation and FAQs there as well. If I can be of any further
assistance, let me know.


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