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Date: Sat Nov 13 2004 - 14:01:04 PST

It could happen that you buy an used item and you pay $20.00 for that
You are buying in U.S. - shipping is in Europe (a place where people pay =

You add $20.00 for the shipping cost - Total is $40.00

The pac=
kage is nor clearly marked as "USED PARTS" - instead is insured for $500=

The international customers (the first thing they will do) they wi=
ll open your package to take a look
if a bill is it coul=
d happen:

A. they find a bill in the package; total cost $40.00? VAT i=
s 20% of $40.00
B. they do not find a bill; they look at $500.00 insurin=
g; your VAT is 20% of $500.00

Your package arrive fastly at home, the =
postman rings and you are happy cause you know is
arrived your shrinkin=
g boosted upgraded MP2k + extras at a very cheap price .... |^_^| .... in=
the man on the door is asking for you to pay $100.00 in taxes :(=0D

Sometimes the customers they call to ask if you received the bill in a =
separate letter
Sometimes not


> Prepare for a hefty custom=
s charge.
> When I got my old Newt from them I got a charge that was=
 greater than
> the carriage and Newt together.
> Prepare that cre=
dit card when the delivery company knocks at the door
> or they wont ha=
nd it over.
> Sorry mate, I hope you escape it.
> Dave
> =0D
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