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From: David Neale (
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 05:10:55 PST

It doesn't matter that the package is marked as "used parts" or "second
hand" or anything else -- second-hand material is also subject to
Customs duties, as I learned when I bought a second-hand MP2100 from
the USA and was charged a huge amount of import duties and
administration costs. I queried the charges, also thinking that they
should not have been applied to something that was clearly marked as
"second hand," but was provided with an official document that
indicated that there is no dispensation for second-hand goods.

On the other hand, I received an eMate from the USA and was charged no
nothing on it -- it really is just a question of luck.

Perhaps I should point out that I live in Belgium, but I see no reason
to think that things should be different elsewhere.


On 13 Nov, 2004, at 23:01, Adriano wrote:

> It could happen that you buy an used item and you pay $20.00 for that
> =0D
> =
> You are buying in U.S. - shipping is in Europe (a place where people
> pay =
> VAT)
> You add $20.00 for the shipping cost - Total is $40.00
> The pac=
> kage is nor clearly marked as "USED PARTS" - instead is insured for
> $500=
> .00
> The international customers (the first thing they will do) they wi=
> ll open your package to take a look
> if a bill is it coul=
> d happen:
> A. they find a bill in the package; total cost $40.00? VAT i=
> s 20% of $40.00
> B. they do not find a bill; they look at $500.00 insurin=
> g; your VAT is 20% of $500.00
> Your package arrive fastly at home, the =
> postman rings and you are happy cause you know is
> arrived your shrinkin=
> g boosted upgraded MP2k + extras at a very cheap price .... |^_^| ....
> in=
> stead
> the man on the door is asking for you to pay $100.00 in taxes :(=0D
> =
> Sometimes the customers they call to ask if you received the bill in a
> =
> separate letter
> Sometimes not
> Adriano

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