[NTLK] PC Serial Connection Problems with 2100

From: Paul Dunford (pauldunfordnyc_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 19:29:42 PST

Hello, everyone -

Please help me before I do something terrible to my poor Newton!

My first Newton was a 120 which I connected without incident to my computer.
I have an Athlon XP 1800 running Windows XP Home. I used Newton Connection
Utilities at 9600 Baud on serial. Every now and then it would be flaky, but
it wasn't anything I couldn't fix by restarting the computer. I didn't even
need to run slowdown all the time.

I now have a 2100 and have had no problems with it so far. I have just
received a Serial dongle so that I can connect with my preexisting, totally
functional serial cable. I plugged it in, opened Newton Connection
Utilities, opened Dock on the 2100, went to connect via 9600 Baud and....
nothing. There's never a connection made. Ever. Not after restarting,
running slowdown once, twice, thrice, not at all, changing baud, everything
I can think of. I uninstalled and reinstalled Newton Connection Utilites to
no effect. I tried Package Installer and... nothing. I can never make a

But there has to be SOMETHING running through the cable because if I plug it
in when the Newton is "off" it comes on. If I try doing autodock then when
its plugged in the autodock dialog comes up, but when it tries to connect...

Well, not technically nothing because it gives a little progress bar that
zips along until it says that the connection timed out because of no
activity. Even though I have deselected time out for no activity in the

I went ahead and tried to install something to the 120 again just to try it
out - and it worked just fine.

How is it that the 120 works and the 2100 doesn't? Is it possible the
dongle? What's in there that could come loose?

I have reset the Newton. I have pulled out all cards. Pulled out and
replaced the batteries. Nothing.

Thinking it must be a problem with my computer I went to another computer in
the apartment - thinking that I might have somehow messed up because I
previously used my 120 with the program. SO I installed NCU on a computer
that has NEVER had it before, plugged in the Newton and... could not
connect. Tried each baud setting, etc.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm at a brick wall and I am severely bummed about

Windows users with 2100s? Anyone?

Thanks -

Paul Dunford

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