Re: [NTLK] PC Serial Connection Problems with 2100

From: Dan (
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 08:48:24 PST

> The thing that's frustrating about this is that, in the absence of a serial
> dongle, I have just been installing packages on me 120 and either beaming
> them over to the 2100 or swapping the memory card. It worked fine until
> now, when I want to mess around with wireless. I have a WaveLAN Silver, and
> just need to get the NIE packages onto the 2100. Hopefully thereafter I can
> just use wireless to communicate with the computer. But I appears that I
> can't first put the NIE packages onto my 120 then bring them over. Or is
> there a way that anyone would know? Really, I just need to get those onto
> the 2100.

Well first unless you are exceptional at small scale soldering and have
the proper tools, if your Newton Interconnect port is bad you can't fix
it. People that have actually fixed them is rare and only lasts for
awhile. The problem is the port itself is not built well and eventually
will fail, and once it does most people feel that it is not worth it to
fix (like I said unless you are a PRO at small scale soldering).

The way you have been doing it via the 120 is certainly one way around
the problem untill you are doing wireless. Then you run into the
bootstraping problem (as you have noticed) as the 120 won't allow the
newer versions of NIE to be installed.

The only possible way around this without someone installing the
packages on a card and seinding you that,(and other than installing a
SER-001 board) is to use a modem to modem transfer. Check for details on
this method.


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