Re: [NTLK] PC Serial Connection Problems with 2100

From: Sonny Hung (
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 11:23:04 PST


If you need help let's try to meet up...
I have enough parts to replace a motherboard for you if that's what will fix it.
If it's just software I can get that done also. Give me a holler soon
and maybe we can setup a meetup. As I've said before I'm in the Queens
area in NY. I work at Queens College. If you want to speak with me and
I'm not away from my desk you can give me a call at 718-997-5690,
sonnyhung (AIM)... hopefully I can assist you in this and you can be
on your merry way... If a part is needed I'm not charging alot of it
but we can speak about that if needed later... May be we can setup a
meetup here in NY and invite LAG and the rest of the NY crew...

God bless & regards,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 11:48:24 -0500, Dan <> wrote:
> > The thing that's frustrating about this is that, in the absence of a serial
> > dongle, I have just been installing packages on me 120 and either beaming
> > them over to the 2100 or swapping the memory card.  It worked fine until
> > now, when I want to mess around with wireless.  I have a WaveLAN Silver, and
> > just need to get the NIE packages onto the 2100.  Hopefully thereafter I can
> > just use wireless to communicate with the computer.  But I appears that I
> > can't first put the NIE packages onto my 120 then bring them over.  Or is
> > there a way that anyone would know?  Really, I just need to get those onto
> > the 2100.
> Well first unless you are exceptional at small scale soldering and have
> the proper tools, if your Newton Interconnect port is bad you can't fix
> it.  People that have actually fixed them is rare and only lasts for
> awhile.  The problem is the port itself is not built well and eventually
> will fail, and once it does most people feel that it is not worth it to
> fix (like I said unless you are a PRO at small scale soldering).
> The way you have been doing it via the 120 is certainly one way around
> the problem untill you are doing wireless.  Then you run into the
> bootstraping problem (as you have noticed) as the 120 won't allow the
> newer versions of NIE to  be installed.
> The only possible way around this without someone installing the
> packages on a card and seinding you that,(and other than installing a
> SER-001 board) is to use a modem to modem transfer.  Check
> for details on
> this method.
> -Dan
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