Re: [NTLK] Newton Newbie - Wireless Card Problems

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Thu Nov 25 2004 - 06:07:46 PST

Tony Goh wrote:
> Sonny, Dave, et al.
> I have made some changes to both my wireless router settings and Internet Set up.
> Router
> For wireless connection I have selected channel 1. Somehow the system lists
> an MAC address for wireless connectivity. Is this relevant? See below.
> My wan connection is PPPoE. Does this impact the results?
> Internet Settings:
> Configuration: Manual
> Subnet Mask:
> Local IP Address:
> Gateway Router Address:
> Primary DNS/ Name Server Address:

The IP address and gateway address you put into your newton should NOT be the
same as the numbers in your router!

Your Newton needs a separate IP address. Think of it this way - if both your
Newton and your Router had the same address, how would anything determine
which computer they were talking to?

If your router supports DHCP for configuration, then use it. I don't think
your manual configuration is anywhere near correct.

If DHCP won't work (ie. SimpleMail complains as you say or you get a -60088
error) I think you should change your manual setup on the Newton as follows:

Local IP Address: (anything but .254)
Gateway Router Address: (this is your router's local IP, and
we need to use your router as a gateway to the internet)

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