Re: [NTLK] Developer Question: Serial Ports

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 21:23:09 PDT

Le 8 juil. 05 =E0 07:34, Jake Bordens a =E9crit :

> "But Jake", you say, "The internal connector is impossible to get".
> "You're right," says I. I'm currently working on building my own
> internal male connector out of common household items (and some CNC'd
> parts.) So far, progress has been good... however, my "pins" are a
> little big and tend to stretch out the female connector a bit.
> Otherwise, they fit well. Still have some bugs to work out, but I'm
> pretty sure I can make this happen.

What is impossible to get is the interconnect port, isn't it?
I thought the internal connector was a pretty common connector.

> 2. Is there a way to get the Newton to recognize port 3 in the list
> of possible serial devices (along with Top Slot, Bottom Slot, and
> Serial Port)? I'm hoping to make Port 0 a USB port and Port 3 a
> Bluetooth module. However, if only custom software can address port
> 3, then I'd have to gang both on Port 0. See question 1: it becomes
> necessary to be able to 'chip select' which device you'd like to deal
> with, USB or Bluetooth

Yes, it's possible. Even more ports are possible. Ports have hardware =20=

IDs and are registered somehow. If you add a new hardware ID such as =20
Eckhart's BlueTooth port, you can have more ports in the list of =20
serial devices.

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