Re: [NTLK] Developer Question: Serial Ports

Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 05:06:32 PDT

> What is impossible to get is the interconnect port, isn't it?
> I thought the internal connector was a pretty common connector.

The "IL-WX-32S-VF-A1-B" connector is listed as end-of-life at That doesn't mean that you cant find them, I guess,
but it does make it difficult.

The IL-WX series is still available, but I have not been able to find any
company (Mouser/DigiKey type vendors) that sell in small quantities.
Sadly, any part for the Newton will evermore be a "small quantities" kind
of thing. Pretty much any connector with a small enough pin spaced on a
0.8mm x 1.5mm pattern would work, however I haven't been able to find this
either. I did find some 0.8mm x 1.0mm headers, but that dosn't help much.

So for prototyping, I'm building my own connectors. This consists of a
PCB with holes CNC drilled an that 0.8mm x 1.5mm pattern. First attempts
are marginally successful. However, I am waiting for a smaller drill bit
(smaller than #66) to continue the work.


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