[NTLK] Seti at home

From: Martin Joseph (martyNT_at_barknaturalpet.com)
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 14:46:50 PDT

Hello Newtontalkers,

I notice that Seti at home has changed over to a new setup.

They are now using a different client/server software called Boinc,
which can also be use to work on other distributed computing projects.

We have a group of Newton users who have formed a SETI group called

Any of you who are already members should look at updating there
software so that the newer/future system is supported.

Also, the new system discards ALL previous completed unit scores
(AFAIK), so if you want to be number #1, this is your best chance

Of course grant has the jump on you as does Luca Falzoni...


The group stats are here:


New members are also welcome to join in, and help find the little green
men (heh),


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