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From: Jim Cheal (
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 13:48:56 PDT


While I agree with your logic about the one year warr., at only $120
for a 1TG drive like I ordered, I'll be happy to replace it in 3 to 4
yrs. with another drive; by that time, drive prices will be even
lower! I remember when, in the old days, I paid almost $1400 for a
1.4 AV hard drive from APS, and it lasted for about 3 or 4 yrs., and
then SCCI went by the way side, so it didn't owe me anything at that
point and 80 Gig HD's were like $250 if my memory serves me well,
which isn't often!

All the same, I think these are a pretty good deal, even if only with
a one year warr., and even cheaper than "normal" retail channels. I
only will, again, believe it when I get the confirmation email that
they have shipped, although the last two came within days after the
order, so I'm starting to think they "honor" their web page prices
even if they're wrong!

Just my $.02

On Jul 13, 2005, at 12:30 PM, Victor Rehorst wrote:

> Betty wrote:
>> Never let it be said that I have an original thought - as a
>> continuation of
>> Sonny's email regarding the fabulous hard drive deals at Tiger
>> Direct, they
>> seem to be at it again! At least they are for the 500GB LACIE BIG
>> DISK-EXTREME FW800 7200RPM which I just ordered at $88.99 each.
> Folks,
> I know that cheap drives are cool and all, but I hope you realize
> that any
> external hard drive that you buy (Lacie included) has only a one
> year limited
> warranty. Meaning that in three years when the drive(s) fail, you
> will not be
> getting a replacement.
> But, if you buy a Seagate bare drive from a shop, you get a *five*
> year
> warranty. You can easily mount it in an external enclosure,
> FireWire or USb
> 2.0, and there's your external storage.
> I know that the Lacie has a built in RAID 0, which is cool, but
> relative ages
> of hard drives lately are hovering around 3 to 4 years, it's a good
> idea to
> get the best warranty possible.
> Just a grain of advice from someone who's been buying hardware a
> long time,
> and who just shopped around and bought a new Seagate drive for
> backups.
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