Re: [NTLK] nSync 0.3.3 <--> iCal 2.0.1 (Notes sync problem)

From: Tony Morrow (
Date: Mon Jul 18 2005 - 08:09:24 PDT

On Jul 18, 2005, at 9:33 AM, Matthew Reidsma wrote:
> nSync has not been updated to work with the new version of iCal.
> The latest version that nSync works with is 1.5.5. I know that
> nowhereman has been recovering from a house fire, but I am unsure
> if anyone else has taken this up. I've had the code for a while,
> but I don't have the time to look it over.

Yeah, it is sad about nowhereman's situation: first the house fire,
two fire alarms going off at work and another location, and a car
wreck, but looking at his blog he is starting to get back on his
feet. (Back to nSync) I have looked at the code for nSync that was
posted at the website and hacked it to read one of my calendars. I
believe the calendar format in iCal is unchanged from 1.5.5 (I hope),
but the directory and naming has changed in 2.0. The calendars are
now saved under "~/Library/Application Support/iCal/Sources" These
folders have weird naming, but in them is a iCal .ics file. The
Info.plist file shows what calendar it really is. I was able to
recode nSync to read a .ics file, but wasn't able to upload to my
Newton. The problem wasn't with the calendar, but with the version
detection nSync uses to check the version on my Newton. nSync on my
Newton is version 0.3.3 (the latest version released) while the
source version nSync on my PB checks for version 0.3n. To my
knowledge 0.3n was never released, but was renamed to 0.3.3. Until I
can find a way around the detection problem, I can not check to see
if my hack worked

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