[NTLK] This is a real puzzler!

From: Brian (spylaw4_at_mac.com)
Date: Sat Jul 30 2005 - 08:53:40 PDT

Hi guys!

Can anyone throw any light on this and help me out?

Newton 2000 - updated - 3COM 589E LAN card - Netgear router - ADSL -
Mail V (5.1.5 according to the info slip). I have installed NIE2 ok
and the 3 3Com drivers from Farallon. Choice of DHCP or Manual setup
to my router/ISP.

The basic problem is that I can't seem to get a consistent and
reliable internet connection to receive/send email. It sometimes
works and sometimes doesn't. It frequently can connect to the
internet ( the light on the LAN card connector and the router come on
and flash away and all is fine. But equally often it will say
connecting to the internet and then looking up host but no lights
come on and then the message is could not resolve IP address; or if
I'm using DHCP - it has problems with the DHCP server

Had another try earlier this afternoon and it refused to connect to
internet from Mail's receive or send on either DHCP or manual. I
scribbled a note in Notes and it promptly sent it from Notes using
DHCP and immediately switched to receive and downloaded. I think I
have mail set up that way but I"m happy with that.

I promptly went to Outbox and tried to send something that was
"ready" - it would not connect using DHCP (problem connecting DHCP
server unavailable or unable to configure) but did so using Manual
and then it received again.

Then it would not connect using either method!

As far as I know I have all the right packages installed. Indeed I
must have otherwise it would not connect at all surely?

Update - just tried again - Inbox received using DHCP but on
switching to outbox - refused to connect and send (DHCP problem again).

Where does this leave me - apart from very puzzled?

Hope someone can assist me in this - it will be very much appreciated.


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