Re: [NTLK] This is a real puzzler!

From: Brian (
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 09:13:10 PDT

First of all - thanks to you guys for the help so far!

Marco's right, the LED lights and then goes off at the instant of
making a connection. Alas, my dock doesn't have the options talked
about and I don't use NCU or Package Loader (iMac G5 + Tiger so I use
NewTen and nSync. through a serial setup).

I only have the one ethernet card (so far) the other slot is a 20Mb
storage card.

Today I've tried Rurish's suggestion twice. Plus - Moved the card to
the other slot. Reset the Newton, deactivated Freeze Utilities, and
cleared out unused prefs.

I tried changing the disconnect delay but that doesn't seem to have
any effect. However, when it isn't working (i.e. no lights) and has
finished trying, if I go to close it through the blinking star the
message is that I am still connected to the internet. Saying yes to
closing brings up the disconnection routine. This seems to me to
indicate that it is possibly a Newt/router conflict but I have no
idea how to get the DG384G to recognise the Newt consistently

I don't think it's a dodgy electrical connection as I am not touching
or moving anything other than the stylus between working and non-
working events.

Oh - it's been misbehaving itself again all through this! On/off
can't make up its mind!

And just as I type the above I try to send a note through SHCP
and..... it worked but when it wnt to receive it came up with a
message - "Unknown Newton Error at OC44CFE8" but it's still
connected. And also at OC406044.

All this makes me even more determined to get the thing working!

Keep the ideas coming guys!


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