Re: [NTLK] Trouble syncing via Basilisk

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 09:24:32 PDT

At 15:13 27.05.2005, you wrote:

>Uhm.... are you plugging the cable from your Newton's ethernet card=
>into the Ethernet port on your PC? If you are, that won't work. You=
>need two cables and a hub or a "crossover" Ethernet cable and an=

Dear Victor,

thanks for your helpful answer. With the crossover cable and a second=20
LAN-adapter on my XP-machine reserved for Newton operations I'm now
perfectly able to connect to Basilisk and NCU on my emulated Mac via=20
ethernet - while browsing the net via WinXP via the first network adapter=
Pretty cool!=20

The question of course being now: Where do I sync to? Bravely=20
I bound the syncing process for "Names", "Dates", "Notepad" and=20
"To Do" to Claris Organizer 2.0. But I can't find the Organizer anywhere.
Isn't it installed yet? (Sorry if the answer is obvious, I'm not a seasoned
Mac user as anyone can see).=20

To my delight, NCU can export Newton files (most of all .rtf-files)
to Windows folders in a way they are accessible to MS Word, after
re-adding the file-extension (i.e. rtf in this case). Opening those files
in MS Word even sees the German Umlauts (=E4,=F6,=FC,=DF) at the ready.
Pretty cool again. This is important to me, because I'm constantly=20
exporting larger Textfiles to my XP-machine. Importing isn't that
easy - it works, but the texts are mssing the Umlauts on the Newton.
Which isn't too important, I can import via serial connection if needed.

I just found out I can even install packages, when originally stored in=
in a Windows folder accessible to Basilisk and expanded via Stuffit-Expander
to a folder on the emulated Mac. But I can't install .pkg-Files which=20
where retrieved originally in an Windows-ZIP archive. Can "Windows-adapted"
.pkg-files be converted somehow so that they are accepted and installed
via the emulated NCU on Basilisik?=20

Last question for now: Is it a security issue to let Basilisk read
and write files in Windows folders? Could a bug on either side=20
mess up my disk?

All the very best,



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