Re: [NTLK] [OT] 1TB LaCie Ext Hard Drive FireWire400/800 and USB!!!! Crazy Price

Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 20:49:59 PDT

Thanks, Sonny! I think I got in just under the wire=2E A friend of mine
tried, and got a confirmation email, but when we re-queried, the drives
were pulled "No Longer Available"=2E We'll see if it comes through=2E Ca=
has been hit, but it ships in between 10-30 days=2E I ordered 3 and my
friend ordered 3=2E WOOHOO!



Original Message:
From: Sonny Hung sonnyhung_at_gmail=2Ecom
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 16:53:14 -0400
To: newtontalk_at_newtontalk=2Enet, moudrov_at_excite=2Ecom
Subject: [NTLK] [OT] 1TB LaCie Ext Hard Drive FireWire400/800 and USB!!!!
Crazy Price

No this is not a sales pitch!

I just heard about this from a friend who works at an audio/studio
school here in NYC=2E
Their boss bought this and they have been passing this info around=2E=2E
it is legit and I though some of you here might want to hear about it
before they pull the add=2E

Go to biz=2Etigerdirect=2Ecom
Type 'Lacie' into the search
When it pulls the items up look at item #10
TO purchase click ADD TO CART=2E=2E=2E if you click on the item it will lo=
as if it was pull off the list and you can't access=2E

Go Back and click add to cart again to purchase additional units or
change the number=2E=2E=2E
I purchase (2) myself 1TB is alot of space=2E=2E=2E

hope you enjoy before they are all gone or this add to cart feature is

I thought this was a scam but it is their corporate business to
business website and it is legit=2E=2E=2E
God bless,

Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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