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From: Norman Palardy (
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 21:07:57 PDT

On Jun 8, 2005, at 9:59 PM, Ed Kummel wrote:

> one of the few resident Wintel users on this
> list, I just had to "chime" in (ok, I know, but I
> couldn't resist!)
> I had to confess though...when I heard the news, I
> just laughed...honestly, I did...
> My thought process was like this:
> "'Think different', my eye (cheech and chong
> referrence here)". I remember all the broo-ha-ha about
> "it's not the speed of the processor..." and how the
> power-PC was the "super computer on the desk" and that
> the Apple OS with Aqua needed a powerful processor
> that the Intel chip just couldn't deliver...harrumph!
> poppycock and balderdash. It will only be a mattery of
> time when Apple will adopt the AMD chip and possibly
> even a Cyrix processor as well (thin computing on a
> Mac? hmmm) It was all FUD and marketting hype after
> all. If I were a Mac user, I would find it difficult
> to believe anything Apple ever said again (but then
> again, that's exactly what I did when they
> discontinued the Newton.)..I swore off Macs the day
> the Newton died (queue American pie...)
> Now Apple can change their slogan from "Think
> Different" to "Just like everyone else"
> Ed
None of what they said was poppycock ... it's the next 5 years out that
are hard to take with IBM's lack of a roadmap, apparent commitment to
building everything BUT the processor that Apple needs (ie/ no low
power G5's no low heat G5's)

The AltiVec units in the G4's and G5's still kick SSE's butt and we may
see some actual performance hits from that for things that use it.

But IBM had made no progress in nearly 2 years with the G4 / G5 series
and Apple could not sit and wait until they did.

So, Apple had a contingency plan to be able to move to a different
architecture, and did so.

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