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From: Mechcozmo (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 20:28:43 PDT

> Another benefit to having a custom box, it is UPGRADEABLE! Dell,
> Compaq/HP boxes are not upgradeable or at least not as much. Sure you
> can usually add a little more RAM, and perhaps put in a extra drive but
> that is it (in general). They often don't have extra card slots, room
> for more drives, or the extra power to run them (the power supplies
> don't have much extra juice for upgrades). I am sure this is not all
> the machines they produce but it is most of them. Not to mention the
> propiarty parts so you need to buy a powersupply (for example) from them
> rather than a cheaper model from your local shop.

I've worked on Dells that had the CD drive bolted to the chassis, 1
hard drive bracket, and that's IT. The motherboard was even on custom
mounts to the case. The PSU was underpowered by a few watts... don't
try ripping a CD and encoding it at the same time, it would strain the
PSU. A few of their "Profile" designs have exploded from overworked

Dell can do great things, but with marketing. Not with computing.


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