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From: Dan (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 18:37:51 PDT

Bruce Guthrie wrote:
> I would only use a dell for target practice. The one time I bought one for
> my better half it was a problem, tech help was non exist so I got rid of it
> a couple years later. stripped of the drive, snd card, as well as the cideo.
> but all in all I have found that a good wintel box is still gonna be
> hp/compaq. Sorry guys but when you spend 2g on a one time setup for your
> wife and it truns into nothing more then a boat anchor well.

I have not owned a Dell in quite some time. But I have repaired a few.
  Hardware wise they really don't look much different. And I have heard
the same problem from both sides of the camp: problems with support with
Compaq/HP etc and Dell. I really think the problem stems from you might
get a lemon, or you might not. It is a roll of the dice. And if you do
have a problem, get another model not the same one as they probably had
a bad batch of them.

Personally I still think the best way is to have someone custom built a
box for you (if you can't do it yourself). You get it made just like
what you want and if you have a local shop do it for you, they are going
to be more likely to bend over backwards to help you if they built it in
the first place. For 2g you should get a REALLY nice system even if a
shop custom builds it and they should be able to for less. Of course
it depends on what kind of parts you want in the system (the latest and
greatest, or a year old which is a LOT cheaper).

Another benefit to having a custom box, it is UPGRADEABLE! Dell,
Compaq/HP boxes are not upgradeable or at least not as much. Sure you
can usually add a little more RAM, and perhaps put in a extra drive but
that is it (in general). They often don't have extra card slots, room
for more drives, or the extra power to run them (the power supplies
don't have much extra juice for upgrades). I am sure this is not all
the machines they produce but it is most of them. Not to mention the
propiarty parts so you need to buy a powersupply (for example) from them
rather than a cheaper model from your local shop.


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