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Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 08:02:13 PDT

Always do my own custom when it comes to pc's but I can use an apple right
out of the box well cept for adding ram.
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> I have not owned a Dell in quite some time. But I have repaired a few.
> Hardware wise they really don't look much different. And I have heard
> the same problem from both sides of the camp: problems with support with
> Compaq/HP etc and Dell. I really think the problem stems from you might
> get a lemon, or you might not. It is a roll of the dice. And if you do
> have a problem, get another model not the same one as they probably had
> a bad batch of them.
> Personally I still think the best way is to have someone custom built a
> box for you (if you can't do it yourself). You get it made just like
> what you want and if you have a local shop do it for you, they are going
> to be more likely to bend over backwards to help you if they built it in
> the first place. For 2g you should get a REALLY nice system even if a
> shop custom builds it and they should be able to for less. Of course
> it depends on what kind of parts you want in the system (the latest and
> greatest, or a year old which is a LOT cheaper).
> Another benefit to having a custom box, it is UPGRADEABLE! Dell,
> Compaq/HP boxes are not upgradeable or at least not as much. Sure you
> can usually add a little more RAM, and perhaps put in a extra drive but
> that is it (in general). They often don't have extra card slots, room
> for more drives, or the extra power to run them (the power supplies
> don't have much extra juice for upgrades). I am sure this is not all
> the machines they produce but it is most of them. Not to mention the
> propiarty parts so you need to buy a powersupply (for example) from them
> rather than a cheaper model from your local shop.
> -Dan

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