Re: [NTLK] smoking Newt

From: Dan (
Date: Fri Jun 17 2005 - 19:35:03 PDT

John Steinbeck wrote:
> Thanks, Dan.
> Yes, I was lucky -- everything, including the
> backlight, is still working fine. The AC adapter is
> Newton branded 9-watt and is in good working order (at
> least is works fine with my other Newton).
> The overheating behavior occured with the
> recharageable in place.
> Guess I'll stick with those rechargeables.

Your welcome. It sounds more like the regulator in the Newt fried.
This has happened before to people when they charging batteries in the
Newt. This takes a lot more current than the norm and if the regulator
fails, well you have seen the result. Being that the adapter is a
Newton one, and it seems to work on the other Newt, it probably would be
ok if you just use the holder and don't put the rechargeables back in.
But it is a risk, and one I personally wouldn't take.


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