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From: Dan (
Date: Fri Jun 17 2005 - 19:29:56 PDT

Mac User wrote:
> Hi team,
> I finally take my hands on a new brand new eMate 300, no, it was used
> it fact, I think Apple do no longer sell them...
You are right, they have not sold them for a LONG time now.

> - the screen has a few scratches on it: I'm asking if it can be
> repaired someway?
> - there is a missing key: the key between the assist and light is
> missing, it is possible to buy it from some member here that have an
> eMate for parts?

As for repairing the screen, not really. Your best bet would be to
purchase some Nusheilds ( These screen protectors go
on easily and will protect your screen from further scratches. And most
likely you will not be able to see the scratches after you install the

As for parts. There are several people on the list that might have
parts. I am sure they will chime in here.

> - is this really difficult? Since the screen work well, I suppose it
> is not that difficult, but...
> - what are the risks? special care before starting?

I will let others that have done this respond here.
> The battery may not be good also (I also read the page on this one):
> - how hard it is to do?
> - I have standard NiMH battery, not the one with soldering part, can
> they be used without too much problem?
> - I saw on a web page someone that have put a battery holder, instead
> of rebuilding the battery, how does this solution scale?

First off, don't use batteries without the soldering tabs. The reason
is batteries do not like heat. And you will have to apply a lot of heat
  directly to the battery if you don't have soldering tabs. This could
cause them to burst or at the least reduce their life.

The battery holder has been done. But to have it recharge Nimh
batteries, you need to put a thermistor in the design. Without this the
Newt assumes you have AA batteries installed and wont charge them. The
benefit of this method (without a thermistor), if the batteries get low
you can just put in some standard AA's and keep on working. Personally
this is the method I would use and gives you more options in the future
(you can use rechargeables or not, as you want).


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