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There is not so much mystery behind:
What Sonny calls protection is namely
1) stabilised output voltage 7.5V
2) a current limitation that fits nicely to our Newts, reducing the output
voltage in case of the current would raise above 1.2 Amps.

There is quiet a variety of stabilised power adaptors on the market, but as
it comes to the current limitation, there are only very very few adaptors to
As long as the voltage is below 7V the max output current may be higher, but
otherwise THIS is the reason for frying your Newt when having a rechargeable
pack inside to be charged.
Using a power supply with less than 7V is save but of course less efficient
for charging the batteries.


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> Hi Grietje,

> It is suggested (by others) that you ensure the pro-longed life of
> your eMate with the purchase of a OEM Newton adapter. They are
> designed to protect your Newton from most known hazardous such as
> power fluctuations and what not that might occur.

> Other non-standard adapters don't have the appropriate built-in
> protection and might actually be causing UNSEEN electronic damage
> which may cause early retirement of your eMate.

> Your playing Russian Roulette with your eMate and one of these days it
> may pay-off dividends that your not desiring...

> There is a saying that (paraphrased)
> 'just because you can do it doesn't mean that it's the right action'

> Sonny Hung
> the Hung Family

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