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From: Newt Gwen <newt_at_candg.info>
Date: Sun Apr 02 2006 - 04:46:53 EDT

Le 1 avr. 06 à 16:59, andy bloom a écrit :

> I would a photoreader of some sort and Landware do 'Photoshow'.
> Is it any good or is there something better out there?

I have buy this software 6 years ago. It's a great photo viewer. I
didn't use it so much because I can put picture with a newtonBook but
to make some slides to show a project, it's great. It's also cool for
making some transition in your photos when you want to show a travel
to someone.

Anyway, it's only $10 now, and it's a great software for this price.

> Is it just for
> PICT and bit-mapped files?

Only PICT and BMP bitmap files for sure. But I never try a vector PICT.

Also, like any Landware product, it's copy protect, so if you want to
use it on a card, be sure to check the box for saving the info on a
card before installing the software. :)


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