Re: [NTLK] Halfway towards a 'Getting Things Done' solution?

From: Michael C. Wittmann <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 07:45:16 EDT


> $50 upgrade to a 2100 motherboard?

Getting the upgrade to a 2100 years ago when Digital Ocean Dave did
it was the best thing that I did for my Newton use. Having enough
heap to do whatever I wanted was amazing. No more freezing and
thawing packages like a madman...

As to the other issues you've talked about...

I tried using BluePrint2 and actually got it working pretty well. The
problem was that I was not the wisest person in designing my flow
charts. I estimated times, but they would be wrong, and all my
dependencies would shift in weird ways, and next thing you know, it
wasn't working that great. Plus, I noticed that I had designed things
wrong from the start. Rather than one project for each student, I
should have created ONE MASSIVE PROJECT - but even the screaming caps
convey the sense of dread I had about that.

I needed projects and how they related to each other, not just
projects and how their pieces related to each other. But with roughly
15 constant threads going in my life, BluePrint just wasn't good
enough for the task. Plus, I realized my work life contained too much
variability and required more flexibility than implied by BluePrint.
Having my "actions" in it was too small a grain size for what the
product was good for; having only "projects" in it didn't let me
follow my work closely enough. As a result, I stopped using it. Were
my life simpler, I'd use it in a second. It's a fabulous, powerful
piece of software.

I don't know why you have a -48205 error going on. I seem to recall
those, and it implies a missing package (in some cases) or service
(when trying to use bluetooth before I "get services").

Good luck on your work and using the Newton better! Don't count on
connectivity to the desktops being easy, though. I've learned that it
isn't. If you look at Ronnie Simon's presentations at the various
WWNCs, you'll see how he does his work. He uses a zillion different
communication methods, no one seeming to be comprehensive enough for


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