Re: [NTLK] Newtons and Palms together

From: Nate Goore <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 20:03:08 EDT

Jon -
I did use both, mainly to have a very small device for read-only names,
dates, games, and mp3s, and some file storage. My ipod's a lot
smaller, has way more memory, and syncs better, and can also tote
around pictures of my 3-year old. So I tossed the palm (fourth time I
got one then realized I didn't need it - palm V, Sony Clie 6something
or other, Clie T-something, Palm tungsten with the 320x480 and wifi
card and BT).

I think that not being able to do many of the things I take for granted
with a Newton ultimately gets me so frustrated with the Palms (even
though I know not to expect it) that I get rid of them, until some new
feature arrives (color high res screen, Bluetooth, etc.) that I fool
myself into thinking there's a good two platform solution.

On Apr 20, 2006, at 10:30 AM, Jon Glass wrote:

> Here's a dumb question, no tomatoes please!
> I've come to appreciate and enjoy my little Tungsten T. It makes a
> great mp3 player, game machine, and is useful for storing files on its
> gig SD card, and I have even come to appreciate its PIM
> functions--although not so well done as the Newtons, they do have a
> simple beauty to them that I can appreciate.
> However, I really miss the screen space for writing notes and
> documents, as well as the wonderful Notepad stationery, oh, and
> NewtonWorks, esp. the spreadsheet. I've been trying a Palm
> spreadsheet, but it is just tooooo painful on the tiny 320x320 screen.
> Oh, and the horrid Grafitti, and tiny screen, and.... and.... are a
> bit frustrating in many other ways... But in any case, I've been
> holding off getting my cracked screen repaired due to financial
> considerations, but that time is drawing near to send it off to Frank
> for some TLC. ;-)
> Hence my question.....
> Is there anybody on this list who uses both on a regular/daily basis?
> Do you get them to interact? Are you able to get, for instance, Mac OS
> X to sync both via the Address Book? What do you do with each? I know
> what I'm thinking for my Palm/Newton combo. I'm curious what you do
> and how you do it. Any software in particular you find helpful? Any
> tricks, etc?
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