Re: [NTLK] FOLLOWUP: Maybe I've figured out the NCU serial connect failure

From: Jim Felder <>
Date: Tue Jul 18 2006 - 09:37:40 EDT

>> I took the Keyspan OS C driver out of the apps folder and put it on
>> the desktop (I'll try putting it back. Are you suuuuure you can have
>> both installed?)
> I'm sure... that's how I have it.
> Mostly, I connect using the original Newton tools and apps under
> Classic Mode. I haven't found any use for running my KeySpan adapter
> directly in OS X, but I have done it. I prefer the classic apps for
> communicating.

I use both, or am trying to use both. Yesterday was momentous as I
got NCU working as I described.

But had already been using NewTen to install packages, and last night
found NewtSync, which I am having Serial port issues with (the port
you have chosen is in use by another application).

NewTen worked with both OS X and OS 9 keyspan drivers installed, but
NewtSync is acting weird.


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