Re: [NTLK] What the Newton "essence" is? - WAS: "Upgrading NIE" (the Newton is nearly dead)

From: Ervino Cus <>
Date: Sun Jun 04 2006 - 04:43:38 EDT

The point is deciding what the Newton "essence" is.
The MessagePads hardware is bulky and obsolete, the OS structure
hardly compatible with today Web standard, etc.

What remains is what, IMHO, is the 90% of the Newton experience: its
GUI. The most original and functional GUI ever concieved, and not
only for a PDA, but in absolute terms. A GUI that, eg, included an
ebook reader still more functional today than all the one now around,
and all the other stuff that make it unique.

In my opinion every effort to preserve the Newton GUI and transfer it
on up-to date-hardware (as Paul is doing) should be the priority of
the Newton community.

Just my two newts... ;-)

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