Re: [NTLK] IC/VC Limitations and Error Handeling

From: Joseph Solin <>
Date: Sun Jun 11 2006 - 17:09:39 EDT

When converting from Mac address book to Newton via IC/VC the
telephone labels carries properly.

The mutation of the web url is actually related to a ":" character. I
have some notes with a colon and the "\" appears after it when

I also noticed that anything labeled business in Mac address groups,
coverts to Unfiled names.

Converting a company from the Mac address group inaccurately makes
the record a person. If you tell the Newton to convert it to a
company then 2 records may be created in error.

- Joe

On Jun 11, 2006, at 2:20 PM, Paul Curtis wrote:

> I can reproduce the 2nd and 3rd e-mail address problem, but since
> Outlook
> doesn't provide multiple web or IM addresses - no go there...
> Also, the designation for the phone, i.e. "home", "work", "cell"
> doesn't
> carry over either. I guess you would have to build a reference
> table to
> actually match what is on the desktop to the Newton's.
> Outlook 2003 > IrOBEX > IC/VC> put away
> Best Regards,
> Paul Curtis
> Home ProT Savings Director

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