Re: [NTLK] Sensible subject lines (Was: newtontalk Digest V6 #268)

From: Joost van de Griek <>
Date: Sun Jun 11 2006 - 17:10:28 EDT

On 6/11/06 10:50 PM, Martin Joseph wrote:

> On Jun 11, 2006, at 12:11 PM, Joost van de Griek wrote:
>> In keeping with the recent discussion about bouncing messages with unwieldy
>> quotations, Victor, would it be terribly complex to block messages with
>> digest subject lines?
> Hey now! I was also wondering why no one had the sense to change the
> subject line to something useful in this thread. I don't think
> blocking it is necessary though? Perhaps a pointed reminder here and
> there in those badly named threads?

It's been done. Countless times. And sometimes people just keep forgetting.
Just like with excess quotations, a bounce would serve as a friendly
reminder to change the subject before sending a reply.

I've been on this list pretty much since the beginning, and these days I
pretty much just lurk since I'm not much of an active Newton user anymore.
Quite frankly, I'm not really interested in following the umpteenth poutine
explanation/discussion. Sensible subject lines help me scan for interesting
reads among the barrage of messages I receive daily from this and other
high-volume mailing lists.


Good qualities are easier to destroy than bad ones, and therefore
uniformity is most easily achieved by lowering all standards.
 - Bertrand Russell
Joost van de Griek
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