Re: [NTLK] OMP Battery Cage, series, parallel or both?

From: Ian Strom <>
Date: Sun Jun 18 2006 - 14:59:43 EDT

Thanks for the replies everybody,

Joel, I have no power adapter for my OMP so you need not worry about
me charging any type of batteries in my OMP while rigged up in series
or not.

When I am done I will put some pics on my server or something and get
you links, heck I could whip up a page in HTML for you all.

As cool as an aluminum puzzle might be I don't have the tools with me
for that. I could attempt it in a 3D modeling app though...

On 18-Jun-06, at 7:18 510AM, Joel M. Sciamma wrote:

> Ian,
>> I was just wondering if the batteries in the OMP's battery cage are
>> series, parallel or both. It is most likely series but I just want to
>> be sure so I get things right and not put my precious Newton at any
>> risk.
> However, charging NiCds or NiMH cells in series is not such a good
> plan, despite many vendors still doing it, so your custom cell holder
> should be capable of having the cells replaced easily and charged in
> a proper external charger.
> NiMH will work fine in the OMP (much better than NiCd) as long as you
> don't try and charge them internally.
> Point us to some pics of your finished holder.
> I am imagining one carved from a solid block of violet perspex or
> better yet from a puzzle of machined Aluminium that also makes the
> contacts while not shorting anything else.
> Joel.

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