[NTLK] Some observations

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt <Marcus.Hammerschmitt_at_t-online.de>
Date: Mon Jun 19 2006 - 06:28:43 EDT

Hi all!

1) This fellow here


might be about the ideal bag for the eMate. It almost seems to
have been designed with the eMate in mind, if you look at the fit, the
colours and the stitching. Have been using it for some weeks now and
I'm quite pleased with it. Please test though in the flesh with your
actual eMate, because the dimensions given here (32.3 x 25.9 x 3.4 cm)
seem to be incongruent with my own item. (Not affiliated with the manufacturer).

2) Taking one of my 2100s on travel as a minimal music box was fun
(the fun should greatly increase when Adriano's NewtCast arrives here).
Yet this one of my two 2100s seems to be afflicted by a strange audio
system problem. Sometimes it starts playing a track, then looses sound
or falls back to a much lower volume, seemingly displaying the effects of
a loose contact with the speaker (crackling etc.) Yet when I restart the
unit (preferrably via Avi's backdrop) sound is there again, no problem.
What's up? Hard- or software failure?

3) I'm just starting to play chess, using of course Deep Green. But is it
just my basic understanding of chess, or does Deep Green sometimes
act funny? Yesterday I was checked (no checkmate and no stalemate yet)
though I couldn't see how that was possible with the given position. Accepting
my ignorance anyway, I tried to flee. But each and any of my moves, no matter
which, was greeted with an "illegal move" message. Are there better chessplayers
here who had encounters of the weird kind with Deep Green too?

4) For some time, I've been using now eMate replacement pens


with my 2100s and they seem to be gentler to the screen than the original stylus.
Haven't been able to detect any screen degradation in nine months worth of
extensive use now.




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