[NTLK] Deep Green [was Re: Some observations]

From: Michael Blazer <m.blazer_at_utoronto.ca>
Date: Mon Jun 19 2006 - 15:39:47 EDT

Quoting Marcus Hammerschmitt <Marcus.Hammerschmitt@t-online.de>:

> 3) I'm just starting to play chess, using of course Deep Green. But is it
> just my basic understanding of chess, or does Deep Green sometimes
> act funny? Yesterday I was checked (no checkmate and no stalemate yet)
> though I couldn't see how that was possible with the given position. Accepting
> my ignorance anyway, I tried to flee. But each and any of my moves, no matter
> which, was greeted with an "illegal move" message. Are there better chessplayers
> here who had encounters of the weird kind with Deep Green too?

Hi Marcus,

I've been using Deep Green quite a bit lately, and I have noticed a similar kind of
strange behaviour as well, but only after using the "take back" command. I use that
command a lot, and once in a while the program seems to lose track of the game and start
accusing me of making illegal moves that clearly aren't illegal. It hasn't happened
during normal play, though.

One strange thing I've noticed about Deep Green's strategy is that it seems to think
that placing you in check is always a good thing to do. I have been able to lead it
into some pretty obvious traps because it couldn't resist a chance to check me. Other
than that, it seems to play a pretty solid positional game and doesn't make stupid
blunders like I do all the time.

My game isn't getting much better, but it's really great for helping me pass the time on
the bus or fall asleep at night!


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