Re: [NTLK] Sale: Newton 2000 & 2100 Audio Headphone Jack

From: PCBman <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 2006 - 13:26:23 EDT

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>From: Thomas Tempelmann <>
>Sent: Jun 21, 2006 12:33 PM
>Subject: Re: [NTLK] Sale: Newton 2000 & 2100 Audio Headphone Jack
>On 6/21/06, PCBman <> wrote:
>> Drill a hole, fit a stereo socket, wire to existing signal.
>> A stereo socket is $2. The job is trivial.
>For you perhaps. I rather pay $45, which is what I nearly make in an
>hour in my regular job...

I see that you are well able to afford his outrageous services. But, just because you are able to pay and, for whatever reasons, unwilling to do it yourself, it doesn't translate into a good deal.

Some people will pay for this simply because they do not know any better.

If I point out the facts then at least they can make an INFORMED decision.

If it was worth it I wouldn't have a problem.

Sorry for 'getting on your nerves'.


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