Re: [NTLK] Sale: Newton 2000 & 2100 Audio Headphone Jack

From: Mark Harter <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 2006 - 16:03:35 EDT

Hi all just joined the list, Got a upgraded 2000 coming my way, so I figured
I join up WOOT!

Curious thou, why is this perceived as a bad value? While I don't make
nearly as much per hour as Thomas (bummer) I am one that would rather have
it installed for me. In my case its merely time, which I don't have much of
these days. And what time I do I have to spend on other things.


On 6/21/06 1:26 PM, "PCBman" <> wrote:

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>> From: Thomas Tempelmann <>
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>> Subject: Re: [NTLK] Sale: Newton 2000 & 2100 Audio Headphone Jack
>> On 6/21/06, PCBman <> wrote:
>>> Drill a hole, fit a stereo socket, wire to existing signal.
>>> A stereo socket is $2. The job is trivial.
>> For you perhaps. I rather pay $45, which is what I nearly make in an
>> hour in my regular job...
>> Thomas
> I see that you are well able to afford his outrageous services. But, just
> because you are able to pay and, for whatever reasons, unwilling to do it
> yourself, it doesn't translate into a good deal.
> Some people will pay for this simply because they do not know any better.
> If I point out the facts then at least they can make an INFORMED decision.
> If it was worth it I wouldn't have a problem.
> Sorry for 'getting on your nerves'.
> PCBman

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