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From: Walter Remson <>
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 01:20:27 EDT

The only other considerations in transferring information form your
computer to your Newton would be the data type. You can copy past just
about any text into Notepad. With Works you can past in text as well as
transfer RTF (Rich Text Format), do not use the Word version of RTF but
the universal version. With tables the issue is a bit more complex, you
need to use comma or tab delimited file format. Again you have take
care that the tab space are in proportion to the screen on the Newton.
I have template in Word for this issue that uses the same measurement
as Newton Press.

As for pictures you are limited to GIF formated files. Also the number
of colors is limited to four. FIles saved with more colors are to large
to be pasted into your Newton. Black and white images (2 color ) also
work well on your Newton. There maybe other limitations but these are
the one I can remember for right now.

On May 20, 2006, at 10:50 AM, Giulio Marchi wrote:

> ... with some late
> I agree this is a very nice hint and it would be a rather fast way to
> transfer images.
> Still here it is not working on XP with NCU and several image formats
> as well as on OS X with NCU, a Keyspan and again several image formats.
> Is there something you could further specify about the procedure or the
> image format or any other specific care that should be taken in order
> to make it work? Of course the request for help is addressed also to
> the other lucky (or more skilled...) guys that succeeded with this
> method.
> Thanks,
> Giulio
> Il giorno 16/mag/06, alle 03:17, ha scritto:
>> There is a much easier way to transfer or picture onto your Newston. I
>> have always used the Keyboard function in NCU to paste any text or
>> picture onto my newton. Sure you may have to do a little formatting.
>> But it gets the job done.
>> To Use:
>> Activate the Keyboard function after making the connection with NCU
>> Copy your text or picture to youyr computer's clipboard (Ctrl-C)
>> Tap on your newton where you want to insert the text or picture
>> (Newton Works only!)
>> And Tap the paste function in window on your computer. You may have to
>> wait a few seconds for the text to appear
>> if it is a large amount of text.
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