Re: [NTLK] eMate Repair aka HOLY COW!

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Sun Nov 05 2006 - 16:46:48 EST

> 2) I get the board off, and find that there's a washer already in
> place and the spring leg has STILL popped off.

The washer will not prevent the spring leg from popping off. Taking
the hinges apart, cleaning and re-greasing them thoroughly will.

> The washer wasn't creased, which IMO makes a difference.

I don't think so. Creased washers are better because it is easier
to install them. The friction between even a creased washer and a
spring leg is nowhere near that between the spring coils and the
hinge turning inside them. If you do not reduce this friction by
cleaning the hinges and re-greasing them, the spring leg will
eventually curl around the hinge, becoming shorter in the process,
regardless of whether there's a washer installed or not.

The only reason for the washer is to ensure that there's next to
no leg left before it pops out. That way it can't kill the ribbon
cable. Of course, size matters. That of the washer, I mean. Larger
diameters mean shorter spring legs at popout-time.


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