[NTLK] Maintenance Issues, Screen, Backlight on 2000U

From: Stephan Weber <ashkelon_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Dec 14 2007 - 13:48:50 EST

I was given a pristine 2000U with an unscratched screen. I used the
stylus that was inside the stylus port. It is one of the heavy, black
titanium ones. Nice in the hand, but it must have a tiny burr

One stressful night, I passed the time with SoloDX. I was playing in
the dark, and didn't notice the scratches until the next morning I
realized I had scuffed the card areas.

The scuffed areas create "fog", and the back light is rather dim.

If there's a way to improve the visibility in those areas (oily
fingertip helps a little) please let me know. I'm thinking like one of
the products for cleaning cds or something?

Problem 2, which aggravated the scuffing is the dimming backlight.
Originally it seemed strong enough, but seems to be getting dimmer.

One of the list members said they will replace backlights? I wondered
if my best bet is to replace the screen at the same time. I have an
eMate I can use while the MP200U is gone.

I'm waffling about changing to a white backlight. I remeber hearing
that they made the screen more visible, but the green is pretty easy
on my eyes.

Any input would be great. I am using screen protectors now, wish I'd
gotten them sooner.

Thanks, Stephanie

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