Re: [NTLK] Wireless Help?

From: McHugh Frank <>
Date: Wed Dec 26 2007 - 02:44:50 EST

here is how my MP 2100 with a lucent wavelan silver is
set up

mode: infrastructure
Channel: 1 ignored
SSID (you have to make sure you got this area right)
mine is set to the default belkin uses

no WEP

under advanced
roaming in unselected
power management is unselected

under internet setup
configuration: DHCP server
Card Lucent wavelan/1EEE
domain name: none

i just tested manual settings and worked the same.

what it almost sounds like is that the SSID isn't
correct, or if you have WEP enabled the card don't
like it ( even if you have it set up properly) if you
have WEP enabled have you tried to disable it and see.
i know that cause my Lucent wavelan is the silver
model it will only support 64bit encryption.

what ever its doing the wifi adapter is seeing the
signal but not communicating with the router. maybe
you are right and there is a issue with your card. do
you have anything else to test the card in to see if
its the card or not

i hope you can get it working properly


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