Re: [NTLK] Is there a Newton mailing list?

From: Rene Raggl <>
Date: Sat Feb 03 2007 - 09:25:22 EST


I think that I speak for some fellas out there too: I have no
problems with OT discussions, as long as they are Newton related, I
love to hearing user stories here. I love to hear how Newton affects
your lives. I love to hear a housewife does her groceries using the
Newton. I did miss the story of the Marine and I am sorry that I
missed his story since I served myself and I had my Newton with me too.

What I do not want to do is read about this political stuff in the
Newtontalk list. If I want to read something like that I would go to
political.misc or something like it. I am a liberal guy, I don't mind
if you are gay, lesbian, democratic, republican, green, red or yellow
with violet dots, I don't mind if you are saving whales or if you are
a Magnate of a Nuclear waste disposal company. And frankly I don't
care about for who you vote, according to me it might be Ed the horse.

I don't mind as long as you don't bug me with it here. Focus on the
cause this list is dedicated to, focus on Newton. Please, now come on...


Am 03.02.2007 um 15:08 schrieb Dale Raby:

> On 2/3/07, Eddie Roosenmaallen <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Some time ago, I got tired of the bickering and unsubscribed from
>> NTLK.
> Just about every list I have ever subscribed to had some pretty
> good flame
> wars at one time or another. Human beings are warlike creatures.
> That
> said, the easiest way to avoid most of the firefights is to simply
> set a
> filter to junk anything that says "OT" in the subject line.
> Alternatively,
> just don't read 'em.
> One particular thread referenced (US politics) actually was Newton
> related
> in the beginning. A US Marine mentioned going to a hot place with
> Newton in
> hand. We all got to learn a bit about desert sand, marginal power
> supplies,
> and how to enable a Newton (and its user) to survive a combat
> environment in
> desert regions. I dunno, that's useful information, isn't it?
> There are
> other Civil Affairs types, journalists, etc. who do regularly go in
> harm's
> way with their Newtons, aren't there? Not everyone is a software
> developer. Some of us are merely users who carry the Newton around
> in a
> back pack.
> I often find the OT opinions of Newtonians to be most interesting.
> We run
> the gamut politically... yes, I voted for both Bushes, both times
> each...
> the only common ground being our shared interest in things Newton
> related.
> Contrary to what might be inferred from your post, Herr
> Roosenmaallen, most
> things here are, in fact, Newton related. Actually, this list is
> one of the
> more "pure topic of discussion polarized" lists out there.
> OT discussions add a little spice. If you don't like pepper,
> minced onions,
> or salt, just avoid 'em. It isn't all that difficult.
> Dale
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