[NTLK] OT: Re: Is there a Newton mailing list?

From: William Pociengel <hseldon_at_my.wgu.edu>
Date: Sat Feb 03 2007 - 12:08:06 EST

Eddie Roosenmaallen wrote:
> Hi all,
> Some time ago, I got tired of the bickering and unsubscribed from NTLK.
> The other day, I signed up again. Since then, there has been far more
> bickering about US politics than useful discussion about the Apple
> Newton MessagePad.

hopefully anything which is NOT newton related is listed as OT just as I
did with your post; which is also, technically, Off Topic. A quick
filter, as many do, tosses that stuff out as dreck; which is what I
_usually_ do.

That particular thread began as someone requesting info on taking his
newton to Iraq. He was provided with info on that topic. When the topic
veered away from there then the subject was prefixed with OT: which is
where it should stay.

We also had a long and interesting thread about what constitutes abandon
ware. Technically that is not specifically newton related either but it
went on for a bit but was helpful.

EVERY list I have EVER seen has some wanderings that are or have become
disassociated from the purpose of the list. I have been on lists since
netnews was a child so I _think_ I have a bit of a perspective on this
topic. Eventually the thread dies and goes away. If there was no other
thread except very narrowly focused topics then IMHO the list would die
as so many others have in the past. Each list is a community of like
minded individuals and as such (2500 or so??) wanders every now and again.

Ok so now we have yet ANOTHER Off Topic thread begun which will live on
for some time and it has NOTHING to do with newton technology. Should
THIS thread not exist???? Technically NO.


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