[NTLK] Is there a Newton mailing list?

From: Eddie Roosenmaallen <silvermoon82_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Feb 03 2007 - 08:29:21 EST

Hi all,

Some time ago, I got tired of the bickering and unsubscribed from NTLK.

The other day, I signed up again. Since then, there has been far more
bickering about US politics than useful discussion about the Apple
Newton MessagePad.

Before I unsub again: Is there a mailing list somewhere used primarily
for discussion about Newt use and development, and not for juvenile
arguing? If I wanted to know peoples opinions about the US, God, or
the ethics of cracking abandoned software, there are places to go for
that - I don't. I just want to read about the Newt.


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