[NTLK] newtons 120 &130

From: gladys pérez-almiroty <almiroty_at_prtc.net>
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 23:25:05 EST

hi to all:
  i am new to the newton. i have been wanting to get my hands on one
and now i have 2 working unit and 2 dead ones.
the working ones are a 1120 that has a broken battery door- i tried
the one from the 130 and it fits perfectly- so i would like to buy
one if somebody has a spare available. i can use it without it so
that is not my first priority.
the 130 does this: it boots without the back light when the button is
pressed. when i press it a second time then the backlight comes to
life. is that a feature or a malfunction?
i no longer have a machine that can connect to the newtons, but i do
have a serial to usb adapter. can i use it without causing problems?
i have a pismo and a canon printer that have infrated connectivity.
is this a possibility to enter data into the newton?
a last question: is there anybody in the list in puerto rico? boston?

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